Version 1.1.0

Easier to use and even slightly faster searching. This update includes:

  • Fixed a bug where the app says it’s finished searching, before it’s finished searching
  • Fixed a bug where complex queries might cause the app to hang
  • Added a “show all results” button while we’re in the process of finding more results
  • Added ability to dismiss the keyboard & see search results with your full screen

Happy blankfilling!


Version 1.0.0

Blankfiller’s initial launch! We’ve got it all:

  • Simple yet powerful pattern matching techniques including:
    • Blanks with underscores (_)
    • Multiple blanks with asterisks (*)
    • Anagrams with angle brackets (<>)
    • Alternatives with square brackets ([])
  • Over 500,000 English words to match against, all without an internet connection
  • Support for American, Australian, British, and Canadian spellings

All of this with blazing fast speed. 💨